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Turning BICSI Attendees into Superheroes

Author: Frank Straka, Panduit Corp.

While no one wore capes or exhibited metaphysical powers, we enjoyed helping the BICSI Fall Conference & Exhibition attendees understand how NBASE-T technology could make them heroes to their customers. As part of the NBASE-T Alliance, speakers from four companies (Cisco, CME Consulting, Fluke Networks and Panduit Corp.) recently moderated and hosted a panel on “Save the Cables – Be a Hero!” to a full room of cabling industry professionals. Our goal was to educate attendees on the benefits of NBASE-T technology, while also providing real world examples and details that would help them immediately. Understanding the best way to utilize installed Cat5e and Cat6 cabling, while providing faster speeds to their customers, was a message well received.

George Zimmerman of CME Consulting opened the panel discussion with an overview of the market drivers for NBASE-T technology and the BASE-T evolution. Peter Jones of Cisco provided a system vendor’s perspective highlighting the benefits of NBASE-T technology. Jim Davis of Fluke discussed how to test existing installations for upgrading to NBASE-T. I represented Panduit and gave a cabling vendor’s view of meeting NBASE-T requirements and what to expect from Cat5e and Cat6 cables.

Response from attendees was positive with many asking us questions clearly showing they recognized how the technology could benefit their customers. Still, the number of people who were hearing about the technology for the first time was a reminder that these types of presentations continue to be vital in helping share the NBASE-T story and benefits.

Check out the presentation and share it with your own customers and colleagues. The more we share the NBASE-T message, the more companies will experience the benefits first hand. Our alliance ecosystem will grow and more applications will continue to be discovered. It’s a win for everyone – and no capes required.