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RCR Wireless News – Test and Measurement: Sprint launches ad blitz for ‘better than ever’ network

Sprint is trying to capitalize on recent favorable testing results with a new advertising campaign that proclaims its network is “better than ever” — emphasizing how much its network has improved by comparing by its own past performance and coverage to its present capabilities, rather than pitting itself against competing national carriers.

Among the carrier’s points: it has increased its LTE coverage by 30% and nearly doubled its speeds in the past two years, and that its network recently had its “best-ever showing” in Ookla speed tests in 123 cities. RootMetrics has noted several times in its analysis of testing data during late 2017 and 2018 (in markets such as the New York metro and San Diego) that Sprint has made substantial improvements in its network speeds, particularly with improvements at the metro (rather than state or national) level — even though it generally still lags behind the speeds of the carrier networks. Read more here.