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Phoronix – Intel 2.5G Ethernet On The Horizon With New IGC Driver; WireGuard Not In Net-Next

Overnight the networking subsystem changes were merged into the mainline kernel for the Linux 4.20~5.0. Sadly not part of this pull request is the much sought after WireGuard secure VPN tunnel but it does bring one of the other features we’ve been monitoring: the new Intel 2.5G Ethernet driver.

While WireGuard wasn’t part of this net-next pull request, we’ll see if it gets into a secondary pull request or is staved off entirely until Linux 4.21~5.1. WireGuard lead developer Jason Donenfeld does believe it’s ready for the mainline kernel.

Notably making it into this PR and already into the kernel is the new Intel “IGC” networking driver that provides support for 2.5G wired networking. The past number of months Intel’s open-source crew has been working on the “Foxville” Linux driver for the I225 series hardware with 2.5G networking speeds. Read more here.