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Webinar: The Path to NBASE-T: Past, Present and Future (CME Consulting)

NBASE-T technology is poised to replace 1000BASE-T, Gigabit Ethernet, as the workhorse for enterprise ethernet deployment, in addition to enabling a variety of new applications. The path to upgrade beyond gigabit ethernet in the enterprise has been more than 10 years in the making. NBASE-T leveraged lessons learned from 10GBASE-T, resulting in a quick path to a standard and successful deployments across many applications. The experience of NBASE-T and 802.3bz continue to impact wired ethernet standards in development.

•Lessons learned in the quest for speeds beyond 1 Gigabit from 10GBASE-T efforts, laying the groundwork for NBASE-T
•How changing needs along the way created the opportunity for NBASE-T
•How NBASE-T smoothed the upgrade path by enabling the existing installed copper base, new features such as downshift, and addressing issues observed in 10GBASE-T deployment
•How NBASE-T’s experience is currently being repeated in new standards development in 802.3cg

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