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Webinar: Structured Cabling: The Foundation of NBASE-T (BSRIA)

It may not sound exciting, but cabling is one of the most important decisions made whether you are constructing a new hospital or just updating your home. Cabling is the foundation your network is built on and will have an impact for years to come. NBASE-T technology is projected to be the fastest growing part of the Ethernet market and a key reason is that it provides 10x the speed on the most common BASE-T cables. NBASE-T leverages the Cat5e and Cat6 outlets that make up more than 90% of today’s 1.6 billion BASE-T outlets.

But what does the market look like moving forward? What cables are being installed today and in the future? What kinds of devices will they serve?  What’s the role for NBASE-T technology in the next 5 years?

Join Lone Hansen, Senior Manager – IT Cabling, BACS & Associated Technologies at BSRIA, and Peter Jones, Chairman of the NBASE-T Alliance, for this 45-minute webinar discussing:

  • Long term trends in structured cabling
  • Continued evolution of the market
  • The dawn of IoT
  • Movement to Smart Buildings

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