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Webinar: New Standarized Cabling Options For NBASE-T Devices (Panduit)

New structured cabling standards have added deployment options that will make a huge difference for users of NBASE-T devices. The new options for connecting devices to the network provide more flexibility, enabling users to overcome common deployment challenges.

ANSI/TIA568.2 revision ”D”  adds 28 gauge patch cords,  and  a new type of permanent link named “Modular Plug Terminated Link” (MPTL).  These additions simplify connecting NBASE-T devices to the network.

Join Thomas Baum, Senior Product Manager at Panduit, and Peter Jones, Chairman of the NBASE-T Alliance, for this 45-minute on-demand webinar discussing:

  • Major revisions in cabling standards and the implications for cabling of NBASE-T devices
  • How these changes affect which cabling method to use for connecting devices
  • How to select and deploy a device cabling method

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