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Webinar: Testing & Interoperability: How the UNH-IOL continues to Impact NBASE-T Success

The NBASE-T Alliance is proud that 2.5G/5G technology went from initial IEEE 802.3 discussions to the approval of IEEE 802.3bz in less than two years. Enabling network evolution by providing up to 10x faster speed, without pulling cables or requiring building construction, is easily understood. But while the claims sounded great, we need to be able to back them up. The best way to do this is enlist a well-respected, neutral organization like the UNH-IOL to help. The UNH-IOL hosts industry plugfests and provides electrical conformance testing helping to validate NBASE-T value.

Join us for this 20-minute webinar discussing:

•Mission and focus of the UNH-IOL in the technology industry
•The UNH-IOL contributions to the NBASE-T Alliance in leading multi-vendor interoperability events, and demonstrating NBASE-T capabilities and benefits such as 6-around-1 cable testing and Downshift
•The importance of electrical conformance testing offered for NBASE-T products
•Strategies to develop the next generation of networking engineers

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