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Webinar: NBASE-T Structured Cabling Field Certification (Fluke Networks)

NBASE-T technology enables network evolution with up to 10x faster speed with no re-cabling. Great opportunity for business, but what’s involved in testing your cables for NBASE-T before or after deployment? How do you ensure that your cable plant is reaching its full potential for all your business needs?  Can a cabling plant’s performance be improved to support NBASE-T?

Join Jim Davis, Regional Marketing Engineer at Fluke Networks, and Peter Jones, Chairman of the NBASE-T Alliance, for a 45-minute webinar discussing:

  • Cable certification and reading test reports
  • Testing required to ensure existing and newly installed cabling will support    NBASE-T
  • MPTL as an interesting solution for your access points
  • Best ways to minimize Alien Crosstalk

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