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Webinar: Future Ready Design with NBASE-T Technology (CommScope)

Today’s workplace technology needs are evolving at a rapid pace and multiple trends are impacting the way corporate LAN designs are being designed and implemented. Constant evolution of network speeds, new classes of ethernet devices, move to open office space, wireless first connectivity and remote powering, puts pressure on the traditional infrastructure networks.  For existing installations, best practices and mitigation procedures can help the network support new business practices. For new installations, cabling guidelines and standards around NBASE-T and 4PPoE can provide the best long-term value to the business.

Join Charlie Morrison Fell, VP of Field Application Engineering at CommScope, and Peter Jones, Chairman of the NBASE-T Alliance, for this 30-minute on-demand webinar discussing:

  • Trends driving changes in workplace network design
  • Building infrastructure to support network and business evolution
  • Cabling design and installation considerations for NBASE-T and 4PPoE

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