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Webinar: Cloud Managed NBASE-T (Cisco Meraki)

Simplicity of deployment for wireless access points is at the heart of NBASE-T technology. Simplicity is also a core value for Cisco Meraki, which is just one of the many reasons the company works so well with NBASE-T.

Enabling the simple deployment of Wireless Access Points as they evolve (802.11AC Wave 1 -> 802.11AC Wave 1 -> 802.11ax ) is critical to the Cisco Meraki customer base. NBASE-T provides the wired bandwidth needed for excellent user experience, and the downshift feature only found in NBASE-T, allows for easy deployment.

Join us for this 50-minute on-demand webinar discussing:
•The impact of cloud-managed IT
•How simplicity enables deployment
•How NBASE-T unlocks wireless access point value
•NBASE-T and cloud-managed IT working for customers

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