NBASE-T Alliance White Papers -

Impact of Crosstalk from Non-Standard Links on IEEE 802.3bz

George Zimmerman, CME Consulting, Inc.
Amrik Bains, Principal Engineer, Cisco Systems
Ken Naumann, Technical Lead, Cisco Systems


This white paper first summarizes the impact of the increased noise level on standardized systems, and then briefly reviews the history of managing alien crosstalk in BASE-T Ethernet, beginning with IEEE 802.3an-2006 10GBASE-T, and continued in NBASE-T and IEEE 802.3bz-2016 2.5G and 5G BASE-T technologies. Finally, it presents the observed problem of higher power using the nonstandard implementation vs. standard IEEE 802.3bz 2.5Gb/s and 5Gb/s on three test setups including 6-around-1 bundled cables.

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