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EETimes – Cisco Leads 2.5/5G Ethernet Effort 

OAKLAND, Calif. — Aquantia, Cisco Systems, Freescale, and Xilinx have formed the NBASE-T Alliance to develop 2.5 and 5 Gigabit/second Ethernet specifications, plugging a hole between today’s 1 and 10G standards for cost-sensitive enterprise uses.

“The industry is moving to the next generation of [WiFi] 802.11ac – Wave 2 with theoretical data rates of up to 6.9 Gigabit/sec; a 1 Gbit/s [wired Ethernet] link between the access point and switch is not sufficient,” Chris Spain, vice president of product management at Cisco, said in a release. “Our mission [is] to increase network speed without the need to upgrade the cabling infrastructure.”

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