Peter Jones Bio

peter_hs1Cisco – Chairman, Vice President and Board Member

Peter Jones has been defining Cisco Catalyst system architecture since 2005. He became a Distinguished Engineer in 2018, in part because of his contributions to the NBASE-T Alliance and groups such as IEEE 802.3. Peter is Chairman and Vice President of the NBASE-T Alliance, driving development of the ecosystem from components to market education. He is also actively involved in the IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standards development work, both enterprise technologies and the emergence of Ethernet to transform building and industrial automation.

Peter has had a long and broad career in the networking industry and is one of the key architects behind the Catalyst 3850/3650 products, as well as the Catalyst 9000 family. He speaks frequently at Cisco Live and has been recognized as a Distinguished Speaker. Peter is passionate about evolving networking infrastructure and making the technology truly “consumable”. He uses story telling to build consensus in teams and is committed to talent development through mentoring.

Peter holds a BSc in computer science from the University of Western Australia. You can find him online at LinkedIn, @petergjones and